Business management and finance consulting

We provide the services in assessing operating effectiveness, emphasizing concept of profit center, determining pricing, laying down business growth objectives, budgets, ensuring optimum and efficient utilization of all resources i.e. cash, stock, manpower, fixed assets etc. Astute’s business management and finance consulting team has experience of a wide range of industry sectors. Astute’s business management and financing consulting services includes:

  • Critical review of business agreements and arrangements;
  • Fixed assets management;
  • Working capital management;
  • Inventory management;
  • Developing organizational hierarchy with related authority and responsibility;
  • Preparing prospective cash flows and financial information, credit proposals and determining the debt equity mix for bank loans;
  • Assistance in obtaining bank finance, entering into business arrangements; and
  • Ensuring the fair distribution of profits to partners / shareholders
Market research

As consultants, we provide ongoing client services. One of these is business research. Whether you are contemplating expansion, diversification, or an entrepreneurial venture, you need reliable, accurate information for example about costs, potential markets, sourcing supplies and finding distributors. Our industry links and experience in the GCC region gives us access to the most up-to-date data and reports, enabling us to make valid recommendations.

Financial advisory services brochure