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At Astute, highly skilled professionals provide services to stakeholders in underperforming businesses, by identify problems, develop viable solutions and assisting in implementing them with sensitivity and precision.

Our experienced team has expertise and aptitude with conducting quantitative and qualitative analyses, particularly with constructing integrated financial models, analyzing financial underperformance and related services.

Your needs

  • Capital structure needs to change
  • Identifying critical success factors
  • Actual or potential breach of covenants
  • Working capital issues “Excessive debt or poor liquidity”
  • Insufficient management reporting - Communication to lenders & other stakeholders
  • Corporate structure not matched with Company’s objectives
How do we support you
  • An independent business review - detailed SWOT analysis
  • Identify potential options with pros and cons of each
  • Analyze financial performance and position of the business and identify critical factors (external/internal) that need to be restructured to
         ensure financial viability of operation in the future
  • Design reporting structure in such a manner to monitor and controls the new progress and implementation on a timely basis
  • Corporate simplification - make the corporate structure simpler, reduce operating costs and, hopefully, release capital

Financial advisory services brochure