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At various key points in your organization’s life you will need a comprehensive business valuation to enable you to make major decisions. These decisions can include whether or not to sell, to buy another business, to take on partners on board or sell equity, or to approach banks for debt financing. A business valuation is not an audit, but a full picture of what your company is worth, incorporating the current market value of all your assets, trademarks, goodwill, equity, cash flow and reserves in the context of your business environment.

Through our business valuation, it gives an estimate about the exchange price at which hypothetical market participants would agree to transact.

Below are the list the major business valuation methodologies used by Astute based upon the nature and industry of the business:

  • Discounted cash flow
  • Net asset value
  • Dividend yield basis
  • Earnings basis
  • Quoted market value
How do we support you

We provide clients assistance in the followings:
  • Analysis on the value-driven factors including competitive analysis.
  • Determine fair value of tangible and intangible assets acquired in a business combination.
  • Determine the fair value of the cash generating unit while performing goodwill impairment test.
  • Valuing the issuing of share options to employees.
  • Review and assess the underlying assumptions used to measure fair value, focusing on the sustainability of the projections.

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