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Feasibility study

Businesses find it helpful to conduct a financial feasibility study whenever they anticipate making an important strategic decision. For example incorporation of the new company, the acquisition of another company, constructing a manufacturing plant or building, a purchase of major equipment or a new computer system, the introduction of a new product or service etc. A financial feasibility study is advisable as a means of fully studying an action in advance of taking the action. This allows managers a chance to fully assess the impact that any major changes they are consider may have before implementing the change.

A financial feasibility study performed by Astute will determine if a particular action makes sense from financial standpoint. Such a study is usually designed to provide an overview of the essential issues related to a proposed strategic decision including its.

  • Projected performance;
  • Projected financial position subsequent to the decision;
  • Projected cash flow position and requirement;
  • Risk analysis and deterring the key factors effecting the decision;
  • Estimated payback period for the proposed investment;
  • Estimated rate of return.
Financial model

At Astute, we understand that good financial modelling relies not just on spreadsheet acumen, but just as much on a strong commercial understanding of the underlying business and/or assets. Our expert assist clients in understanding key financial performance of their business and/or projects. The main features of our model are to be:
  • Be flexible and cover multiple years showing the financial performance, position and cash flow movements.
  • Provide project evaluation criterion such as ratio analysis, internal rate of return ‘IRR’ and net present value ‘NPV’ etc.
  • Be transparent and adaptable over time. This means that you can make changes to the models yourselves, but we are
         always on hand to provide maintenance services as and when the requirements arise.
  • Be fully and efficiently linked.

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