Our Outsourcing Services help our clients to focus on the core activities of their company and get the professional, efficient and effective quality services at the best cost for their support functions. We approach client assignments as a strategic partnership.

Accounting and payroll brochure

Why outsourcing?

Astute’s outsourcing services bring the following benefits:
■ You are free to focus on you
     core business;
■ Flexibility in resourcing and skills;
     thus having flexibility for
     additional resource or specific
     skills on a project by project basis;
■ Resourcing and skills at low cost;
■ Increased efficiency;
■ Risk reduction;
■ Cost control; converting fixed
     costs into variable costs;
■ Continuity of service, thus no risk
     of service discontinuity from the
     absence or departure of a staff
     member of staff.
■ Deliver professionalism;
■ Access to expert advice;
■ Operational best practice, that
     would be too difficult or time
     consuming to develop in-house.

CFO services

Astute’s CFO expert team serve as an outsourced CFOs with comprehensive set of services that focus on systems, tools and processes in order to improve business performance.

Payroll services

Astute offers a comprehensive payroll solutions to the clients, from full-featured corporate payroll services, to limited payroll processing services satisfying both HR and Payroll ambitions and the overall goals of the clients as a company.