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The most important asset in any organization is its staff and effectively managing the payroll and its related costs will have a positive impact on a company’s financial results. To ease the pressures of payroll process, which should be in compliance with Ministry of Labour laws namely UAE Labour Federal Law no. (8) of 1980 and Wages Protection System (WPS) requirements, we provide payroll services to medium and small size business using our adequate resources.

We provide a complete solution to clients’ outsourcing payroll needs, including the following: 

  • Maintaining employees records for the payroll processing;
  • Salary processing including overtime, bonus, and incentives. etc.;
  • Preparing pay slips as per pre agreed format;
  • Preparing and processing of payroll in compliance with WPS requirements;
  • Calculation of end of service benefits;
  • Air ticket and leave salary provision calculations;
  • Preparation of the HR policies and procedures manual;
  • Payroll reporting with analysis; and
  • Assistance in preparation of employment contracts and all documents related thereto.
How do we support you in the UK

We take the increasingly complicated burden of payroll administration from you, so that you can concentrate on running your business.

Our correspondent UK office services consists of:
  • Computing your payroll and supplying pay advice slips on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.
  • Forwarding a schedule detailing employees Gross Salary, Tax code and Net Pay with deductions for Tax, Employer's and Employee's NI
          and implementing new WFTC (Tax credits) and DPTC.
  • Supplying a completed monthly pay slip for the Collector of Taxes for the clients own pay slip booklet or advising the correct Tax and
          NI payable.
  • Complete P45/P46 forms for new employees and supply for P45 when an employee leaves.
  • Advise and operate SSP and SMP payments.
  • Liaise with tax office and DSS on all matters pertaining to payroll.
  • BACS payments can be completed for the employer and submitted to the appropriate bank to credit employee accounts, subject
          to authorization.
  • Advise on redundancy pay and pay in lieu of notice.
  • Calculate and advise on class 1A payments.
  • Complete all end of year PAYE returns advising on capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

Accounting and payroll brochure