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Sound policies and procedures are key elements to consistency throughout your company. If you are having difficulty creating a user-friendly policy manual, or keeping on top of updates, consider utilizing Astute’s policy manual preparation services.

While it is a necessity to have policies and procedures in place in your organization, your company is unique and thus requires a unique approach to its operation manuals. Using a standard set of policies to implement in your company can prove ineffective and even damaging and destructive to your company.

Our policies and procedures preparation services are developed around your company’s own reviewed and amended procedures and culture to ensure that it fits in well with the employees and the company’s work culture. We will work together with you and the policy makers of the company to pen down the precise nature of your business processes and present it in a well-planned, tested, reviewed and amended business process document which can be followed and understood by all level employees.

How do we support you

We provide a complete solution to clients’ policies and procedures needs, including the following:

  • Developing customized and tailor made policies and procedures
  • Developing manual perceived from end user's perspective
  • Minimizing usage of technical jargons
  • Using illustrations, graphics or images wherever required for better understanding
  • User friendly navigation theme including cross referencing
  • Developing manuals in a coherent and standardized manner.

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