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A level of trust and confidence in Astute, can be achieved only if the clients are assured as to the quality of our service and timely delivery of end results.

In order to maintain standards of quality services, Astute has adopted the following measures:

  • Use of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) including International Accounting Standards (IASs) in the preparation/compilation of financial statements and preparation, adoption and
         use of accounting policies by our clients;
  • Adoption of International Review & Compilation Standards on our engagements.
  • Use of documented and standardized plans, work programs templates, review procedures, and manuals;
  • Supervision and Review of the work by engagement manager and director on each engagement;
  • Use of computerized time budgets to monitor progress of the services;
  • Half yearly quality review of important closed files by independent and professional bodies;
  • Regular in-house training and workshops and centralized database for sharing of knowledge, industrial expertise and professional development;
  • Imparting knowledge and the latest developments of various accounting pronouncements (including IFRS and US GAAPs), and latest trends of business, commerce, audit, technology to the firm’s
          clients, patrons and users of financial statements; and
  • All staff bond by code of ethics and quality guidelines set by international accounting and auditing bodies, and convinced that passion for accountancy, rigor in the way they perform their job on a
          daily basis, transparency and open-mindedness are the keys to success.